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Relations between Marvel and Fox have been edgy (to say the least) as of late with some members of Fox's creative team claiming Marvel were attempting to damage their Marvel comic book properties... and they might be right!

In what appears to be yet another move in the Fox lockout, Marvel are cancelling the (new) Ultimate Fantastic Four after just six issues. The book's writer Joshua Hale Fialkov took to Twitter to announce that the book would end, saying the following, "Sad to say that UFF is finished with issue 6 and due to my illness last month, my last issue is 5. Heartbroken but extremely grateful."

Marvel have since confirmed Fialkov's statement, increasing suspicions that Marvel intend to decrease the popularity of their comic book properties owned by 20th Century Fox after reports last month claimed that publishers were restricting Fantastic Four comics.

What do you think? Is Marvel deliberately trying to force Fox's hand into releasing the team's film rights? Or are the team just not pulling in enough money? Sign off your thoughts below!

Source: Newsarama


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