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Olicity shippers, rejoice (or, y'know, not)! The elaborate ruse that Oliver used to defeat Deathstroke and win the day in last month's Arrow Season Two finale at one point included a kiss that was left on the cutting room floor.

E! Online's Spoiler Chat column revealed as much, although it's not clear who their source is or whether there's any chance that footage could end up on the DVD's deleted scenes if true.

Shipper videos featuring "Olicity" have been common since about halfway through season one, and while Season Two gave fans a lot more to work with when cutting footage together, the fact that the two have never actually been romantically involved is limiting (compared to, say, Community's Jeff/Annie videos).

Asked about rumors of a kiss from a fan, E! answered, "We can confirm that there was in fact a kiss filmed between Oliver and Felicity for Arrow's season two finale that ultimately hit the cutting room floor. But it was pre-reveal that Ollie's "I love you" was just a ploy (But was it really?!) to trick Slade, so that doesn't really count, right? Right?!"

Arrow returns for season three, in which Felicity will apparently have a new love interest who also moonlights as a costumed vigilante (but is not The Flash), in the fall.


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