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All’s Faire In Love is possibly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen: and I loved every minute of it.
My attention was peaked when someone mentioned that Christina Ricci played one of the leads. I hadn’t seen her in anything since Penelope. Matthew Lillard also excited the Scooby Doo fan in me, so I decided to give it a shot. It was on Netflix anyways, so why not?
The story is about an investment banker (Ricci) that wants to be an actress, and a football player (played by Owen Benjamin) trying to get credit for college despite skipping all of his classes. Ricci’s cousin brings her to the local renaissance faire, and Benjamin is forced to go in order to earn credit for his medieval renaissance class. (Because faire’s are usually SO accurate, right?)
I was skeptical, as I’m sure most are. From the moment Ricci began stripping randomly in front of Bill Engvall, and Cedric the Entertainer played the professor that lures the football player to the faire I was hooked. Still, with a story involving a unicorn hand puppet named Horney, and a princess that has a fetish for having her toenails painted, where did the story go right?
First of all, Benjamin’s character was extremely realistic. He was as skeptical about the faire as most, and unwilling to play along. His lines had to have been improvised because they were so real at times I often felt like someone had simply followed him around with a camera.
Ricci played his love interest, and a 5’ woman alongside a 6’7 man was highly amusing. They addressed the awkwardness of the situation instead of trying to make one shorter or taller. The chemistry between the characters was also extremely real so the jokes and teasing didn't seem forced.
The villain of the film, Prince Rank, was played by Chris Wylde. He was so over the top I have no idea how anyone kept a straight face while shooting. He, of course, falls for Ricci and spends much of the time tormenting Benjamins character for being the receiver of her affection.
Matthew Lillard plays Benjamins friend who is “cursed” by a witch. He is mainly focused on trying to break the “curse” with odd remedies like goat’s urine and hair burning.
The story was ridiculous, the characters were over the top and the costumes were absurd, but I was laughing too hard to care about much else. Over all it’s really one of those stories that’s so bad it’s good. Not B movie bad, it’s just bad. It works because it doesn’t take itself seriously, and so I didn’t either. I highly recommend the film. You’ll hate it, but hopefully in the best way.


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