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Josh Montgomery

For the past couple years I have noticed something with Hollywood and it's thing with horror films. Hollywood really loves to go for those trends and whatever is popular. Now this is obviously nothing new to the public since every company in the world does this just to make more money. However with this subject it's a little different. I mean we get a variety of different types of films with every other genre except horror. With Horror you always find yourself watching another found footage film, a found footage film that deals with ghosts and or demons and a regular film that deals with ghosts or demons. It's almost aggravating to see another horror trailer come out and to only find out it's just another film like from the list above to add to the list. Which is why here I am writing to the public and Hollywood(if they even read it) 2 places they should push horror films to go next!!

1. Monster films- Now I know Hollywood has tried this a couple times like with The Wolfman and Frankenstein but there is a lack of them these days. It's a shame that we don't get as many as we do because there are so many places we can go with them and I would love to see another great nostalgic monster flick. And with a film like Godzilla, it has been proven that filmmakers can go make these films and make them good. Now say what you want about Godzilla but it wasn't some B movie cheesefest. Sure it was boring to some people but that can be fixed easily especially with horror. Plus I was in the minority who actually enjoyed "The Wolfman". Now I know that that was a bit more B movie ish, but those wolfman scenes were really fun to me with all that gore. If they would have just tighten it up a little bit I think it could have been a solid fun gory horror flick. And think about it, get somebody like Sam Rami to do a creature from the black lagoon type film and you have yourself a great time at the movies!

2. Serial Killer films- Now this is a trend that Hollywood ran to the ground and honestly didn't even stop there until they reached the bottom pit of hell. And with all the remakes who would want these anymore? But with the directors of today we can seriously make some great films. Like where the hell is a Jack the Ripper film?? There are so many things you can do with that like a great detective story directed by Fincher. I am aware though that there is a Johnny Depp film out there about him and Jack the Ripper but I felt like that didn't go to it's fullest potential and honestly really boring. But honestly this is a subject that has been forgotten and lost in the 80's. Now I'm not saying to do remakes but why not do some neighborhood serial killer?! We need a new face of horror for us horror fans and I would love to see another crazy guy in a mask or costume.

So what do you guys think, are these films that you would like to see in the future? And if not what would you want to see? Please keep the list going as I have only 2 things and I want to see the other potential that is going on in other people's heads!! Please comment down below and tell me what you think.


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