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Amy Martin

A London City bus stop could quite possibly be a portal to hell, according to local residents. A bus shelter on Old Kent Road, has reportedly had several strange incidents in the past few years, involving a VHS copy of the 1987 movie 'Hellraiser'.

One day, several years back, a standard VHS copy of the movie was spotted on top of the bus shelter. Although you could probably just brush this off as littering, the story does get a little stranger than that.

Years later, a second VHS copy mysteriously joined the first. Then months after that, they both disappeared. Perhaps the council took them?

Several days later after both the copies had disappeared, a fresh copy of the movie was back on top of the same shelter! I don't know about you guys, but either someone has a large collection of Hellraiser video tapes at home, or Pinhead is trying to prove his point. Strangely enough, four months after the fresh copy was added, a second brand new copy joined it atop of the shelter!

In September 2013, a copycat placed a new copy of the movie on top of a Stoke Newington bus stop. Why? God only knows. Perhaps a second copy will be added in the upcoming months? Or maybe it's just chance.... but I doubt it.

17th October 2013: Both the replacement copies disappear again. Until...

Creepily enough, a tree which had fallen during the storm blocked the entrance to Old Kent Road. Hmm a good cover up?

So what do you think, do the cenobites really exist, spending their days playing mind tricks on the people of London, and placing Video tapes on top of bus shelters, or has someone managed to pull off the longest running practical joke of all time? Either way, I wouldn't want to stand near that bus stop. Maybe it's uhh... an advertising campaign for the upcoming Hellraiser Reboot, or the Leviathan documentary? Yeah, okay, maybe not. Tell me what you think in the comments!



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