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Without a doubt Daryl is the exception of the characters in The Walking Dead. Not only is he splendidly useful to have around with his tracking and hunting skills; even though he missed a dirty diaper from Judith, when Rick’s group was separated. Like, really I could sniff out a fresh poop diaper and I don’t track but I’m a mother….lol! Daryl’s the one we’d like to share a tent/room with just to be near him, also to protect us in the middle of the night when the “walkers” go bump in the night or the escort to the trip to the lavatory. Think about it Rick has a hat or had a hat…lol; Hershel had a beard, minus one leg, Daryl has a crossbow and a sexy black motorcycle. We can only assume the writers were trying to tone down his sub-zero unruffledness by making him wear a red/beige Mohave poncho, but Daryl even made that outdated poncho look darn good sexy good. Daryl’s crossbow makes a divine whooshing noise; it can also be used to fire arrows into butts for fall down laughing moments….OK not funny to the one that is shot in the butt, “walkers” not included.

I know this to be true Daryl has aimed that lovely crossbow directly at females’ viewers’ hearts. Remember, when Carol was brokenhearted for her daughter Sophia, he gave her a Cherokee rose and an exquisite story about how they cultivate for lost children. “I believe this one bloomed for your little girl,” Daryl says. In, Season four he’s cradling Judith, nicknaming her “little asskicker” and became a caring surrogate father until Rick returned to reality and stop seeing the ghost of Lori. By the way, Lori was granted the selfish mother award of the zombie apocalypse.

If we permit ourselves to think about it, the character of Daryl is nothing like the rest of the comic-book-inspired cast. The character of Daryl was an innovative creation for [The Walking Dead](series:201193). Without a doubt this launched an entirely new and gripping and convincing story that’s ridiculous to predict. We’ve have the pleasure of seeing Daryl grow from a hard rough introvert redneck, (“You got some balls for a Chinaman.” “I’m Korean,” “Whatever.”); who was initially planning on looting the campsite for food/supplies, with his “doesn’t play well with others,” brother Merle. But, Daryl transformed into a sexy ripped, carrying crossbow, sympathetic, kind, unselfish and valuable member of Rick’s group.

Don’t hate me for writing it, but Mr. Daryl Dixon is going to die in season five. I will tell you why, so keep reading. First of all the character Daryl Dixon was not intended for the show, Reedus at first auditioned for the part of Merle Dixon and afterwards Daryl Dixon character was created. In reality Daryl was not meant to be in The Walking Dead. But the writers/producers molded Daryl into a character that fans love and empathized with. And in season four they gave Daryl his due in the terms of giving the viewers the dysfunctional back-story of his life and family with Beth in tow.

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Daryl Dixon is one of my beloved characters but I do think Daryl will die in Season 5. I wait with bated breath for the new season of The Walking Dead. Sadly, knowing Daryl will die by a bite from a “walker” or by the hands of a living human in a fight for survival because, in reality not everyone survives especially in The Walking Dead. The time is right for Daryl Dixon to die; Daryl has came full-circle. Daryl lost a brother and gained a brother in Rick. Heck…the greatest show of love is willing to lay down your life and that is what he was willing to do for Rick, Michonne and Carl, when the men in the “claim group” wanted to take the lives of his friends/family.

Daryl gained love, respect in Rick’s group and as a result was instrumental in their survival, he learned how to give, interact, share, respect and love as members of a family do. Oh…yes Daryl has come full-circle before Merle's death. Don’t get me wrong, I do think Merle had a genuine love for his brother. But it was on his terms although in the end Merle gave the greatest act of love for his brother, giving his life. It was a thin line between love and hate regarding Merle and due to that thin line of love/hate Michael Rooker deserves fried bologna sandwiches, redneck beer, mason jars filled with moonshine and a standing ovation for playing the heck out of Merle….digressing again! Getting back to Daryl…….

Look into my eyes....
Look into my eyes....

I think the writers took him too far out of character in the terms of missing rabbits and dirty diaper left undiscovered. Come on…tracker as Daryl missing a dirty diaper/rabbits, and candy wrapper, not possible. Furthermore, this is a different Daryl that went to fetch his brother from the rooftop of an Atlanta building, and how about when he looked for Sophia in season two. Daryl was in his element and I think pairing him with Beth the most annoying female besides Lori was an injustice to the character of Daryl.

They won’t kill him. That is my top line of reasoning as to why they will. People are so convinced the show won’t kill Daryl, which I think they will. In truth, the show can and will survive without Daryl Dixon as the Bulls survive without Jordan as the ice cream survived without the cone. The Walking Dead will survive without Daryl being the redneck romance, crossbow carrying “walker” killer hero.

Feedback is always welcome in my neck of the woods....


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