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Batman solo film was not announced in the line up of DC films, which I don't really mind. Batman has been overdone in Hollywood, so I'm glad Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash are finally getting there own chance to shine with general audiences.

However...if we ever see another Batman solo film, (I know we will) then there is a villain that I would like to see done in live action form once again: Mr. Freeze. Ah yes, we know of the infamously bad film Batman & Robin's portrayal of the frozen avenger with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role. THAT is not the Mr. Freeze I want to see; not some pun spewing body builder. No, a methodical, cold, dark, brooding villain.

The story of Dr. Victor Fries trying to save his wife from a terrible illness then suffering from a defect that can't allow him to survive out of cold temperatures is a story many fans enjoy because Mr. Freeze is not a mustache twirling villain trying to be evil because he is evil. He is a man trying to do anything he can to save the woman he loves from dying, even if that means killing dozens to save one life. He thinks he's doing good but he is blinded by his rage and love.

A story like this would make for a wonderful Batman film if taken seriously.

For a possible plot for the film, visit my article for the Batman TV Series page where I came up with an idea for an episode:,manual#!0LqDO

"Is there anything you would not do for your family, Batman?"

Why that sounds familiar doesn't it? Well that's because I am going into casting and first on my list is Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness star:

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict here, Benedict there, Benedict everywhere. Seems like everybody wants this guy in any geek phenomenon: Star Wars, Doctor Strange, etc. Well I am one of those people. He is a great actor and I've actually picked him before as my choice to play Ted Kord's Blue Beetle in a movie. But if he decides to play a villain in a comic book film then I would definitely choose the role of Mr. Freeze. Think about it: Kahn from Into Darkness spoke very similar to how Freeze usually speaks, he's got the voice, the demeanor, and he's got the methodical part of it from both Sherlock and Kahn.

Next is ironically another Star Trek villain actor:

Eric Bana

While most didn't, I thought Nero was a great villain in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek. A villain who was doing anything possible to saved the ones he loved...sound familiar?

I usually do at least three castings but I've decided to leave any other castings to you all. What do you think?


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