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When I was younger this film used to scare me a lot. I watched this film again as i wanted to observe it differently to how i first saw it. This time round i fully understood the film better and it didn't seem that scary anymore but still i got some chills down my back.

The story starts with a child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) and his wife. An incident happens when one of his ex patients breaks in to his house and shoots Malcolm and kills himself. That fall Malcolm sees another patient, a young boy Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) age 9 who has some problems. Eventually Cole finds trust in Malcolm for him to help. He tells Malcolm his secret. Cole see's dead people all the time and was always afraid. Malcolm helps Cole in learning to listen to what they say. The film takes us through some scenes with the ghosts and one particular ghost who Cole helps out. In the end Cole feels better about dealing with his sense in seeing dead people.

From the start of the film after Malcolm gets shot we see his interactions back home with his wife and we notice that they never speak to each other. We notice that Malcolm tries to communicate but never seems to get through to his wife. He doesn't notice that something is wrong only assumes it's because he has not been home a lot. The twist here is incredible the whole time Malcolm was dead after he got shot and Malcolm never knew this until he came home that night after he finished helping Cole and he noticed it's cold around the house and his wife misses him very much.

I really enjoy films with a clever twist at the end a twist which was already there if you noticed the interactions early within the film. For example the restaurant scene for their anniversary Malcolm's wife grabs the bill off the table and gets up and leaves. It's twists like these which makes you think or re-look at a film. I enjoyed watching it again after a few years and understood the film much better and was able to notice twists that weren't visible to see when watching it the first time round.

I recommend this film a watch for it's story and because of the amazing twist embedded through out the film and shown to us at the very end.

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