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Well, it looks as though the Doctor Strange floodgates may finally be opening. It feels like we only just found out that Scott Derrickson will direct the film, and yet we already seem to have a screenwriter confirmed.

Jon Spaihts, most famous for his work on Prometheus, is reportedly close to a deal to pen the first adventure of Marvel's Sorceror Supreme. The Wrap also confirmed that Jared Leto is still very much in line for the part.

If this big news - and Spaihts' hiring might just suggest a sci-fi tinge to Derrickson's more horror-leaning sensibilities - isn't enough for you, well then never fear: Jared Leto is here. And better yet, a picture has emerged that might just blow your mind.

Remember when Leto had that lovely beard at the Oscars? Y'know, this one:

Well, he doesn't have it any more - and what's replaced it looks really rather familiar...

Honestly, if that isn't an intentional Doctor Strange look, I don't know what is. Oh wait:

Yup. Dude is totally rocking a Doctor Strange 'tache.

[Doctor Strange](movie:559685) is expected to be released sometime in 2016.


Did Jared Leto totally just confirm he's playing Doctor Strange? Let us know below!

via The Wrap and Esquire


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