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Sure, they're milking this franchise to death, but you didn't really think that the guys behind the Paranormal Activity franchise would just sit back and let this cash cow slip through the net of found-footage horror? If Paranormal Activity has proved anything, it's that low-budget supernatural horrors can turn a tidy profit at the box office.

I mean, the franchise basically functions as Paramount's piggy bank, since the films are dirt cheap to make and make huge amounts of filthy lucre - more than $718 million worldwide so far.

That's why, today, Paranormal Activity 5 has been re-confirmed - and stamped with a 2016 release date.

I'm not exactly sure where Paramount stands right now with the fifth movie in the franchise, but I know that they were originally having problems finding a cool new take. With that said, they now have two years to perfect our next dose of supernatural mayhem.

So, what would you guys like to see from the low-budget demon franchise in Paranormal Activity 5? I want these things from the next installment...

How do Katie and Hunter fit into it all?

The family enduring the scares this time are Ryan, Emily, their daughter Leila, and Ryan's younger brother Mike. Another daughter has died a year previous to the film...

So, where Katie Featherston's Katie fits into it - assuming she shows up at all - remains to be seen; ditto the surprising business from Paranormal Activity 4 regarding young Hunter.

Every installment in the saga has shown us a little more of Katie, our demonically possessed antagonist (or would that be protagonist!?) But, we're still no closer to understanding what's going on with Katie. Where did she go after kidnapping Hunter? What's she been doing while Hunter grew up as Wyatt? How can a demonically possessed person fill out a rental agreement? All these questions need answers! Let's see more of Katie.


Tying the new family into the franchise

So many things come to mind with Emily's character and how she has a sister "who died one year previously". Rather than start Paranormal Activity 5, with a whole new isolated family, let's connect with the following characters from the franchise that we're already familiar with and tie up a few loosies while giving us something truly fresh.

Emily could be Alex's older sister, how about it? Sure, I understand there are no other siblings mentioned in Paranormal Activity 4, but how's that for a surprise twist? This would mean that the franchise could go further to unlocking what's happening with all of those coven plans...

Maybe the whole statement of Emily's sister passing away isn't a nod to anything, but if it's being put out there in the movie's synopsis, I can see this plotline unraveling.


What, exactly, does the demon want?

Each of the previous films added something unique to the mythology of Toby and his quest for a host. The first film established that he wasn't a ghost. The second established that his goal was to take a little boy. The third established that Toby was summoned by Katie's grandmother who is part of a cult of creepy women.

The fourth? Well… The fourth really doesn't add anything.

OK, it seems like a stretch for the notoriously low-fi franchise, but what does that demon want? Why does he want the boy? There has to be some sort of apocalyptic end-game for Toby, right? Since any and all protagonists that have gone up against Grandma Lois, her hundreds of witches and Toby and crazy Katie have ended up totally dead, there doesn't seem to be much chance of a happy ending... Let's at least answer the one question that - at this point - the whole franchise rests on!



What do YOU want from Paranormal Activity 5?

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