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Documentary company Big Machine has announced they are releasing two official [The Walking Dead](series:201193) documentaries for AMC. Both docs will feature interviews with cast and crew along with tons of behind the scenes footage.

Here are some details on the new docs:

Inside The Walking Dead – Tuesday, July 8 at 10:00pm ET/PT

This one-hour documentary will showcase how this remarkable series is made. The executive producers will discuss the process of mapping out the show and viewers will hear from all of the key production departments – from production design and special effects to costumes and makeup – about their role in crafting the world of The Walking Dead.

I think it's great to see these sorts of 'making of' documentaries.They really give you a scope of what it is like to work on such a big production, especially one like this which has such a demanding SFX order.

If you are fans of these types of 'making of' docs, check out Jon Favreau's making of Iron Man and Elf; literally everything you need to know about those movies.

Inside The Walking Dead: Walker University –Tuesday, July 15 at 10:00pm ET/PT

AMC’s second documentary will follow the journey from extra to walker. Viewers will learn that there is much more to becoming part of the living dead than just make-up, and will get an inside perspective on the choreography, acting and motivation behind each zombie, including a look at what takes place at The Walking Dead’s own Zombie School.

Given the scale and effort that the show goes to with makeup, FX and set, I'm interested in seeing how the whole team puts this together. Not to mention there are some fantastic action set pieces that I would love to see broken down, for example: Rick's gunfight through the zombies to get to the prison.

Are you interested in seeing how The Walking Dead is made?


Walking Dead Docs

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