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As the publicity tour for The Rover continues to gain momentum, Robert Pattinson is just getting more and more hilarious. So, what is the latest zany Rob fact to get an airing? Well, apparently when he was a young lad he aspired to be a veritable Vanilla Ice!

During his appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers, Robert Pattinson revealed some hidden gems from his childhood, including his lofty dreams of a rap career. But, what was his stage name?

Nope, it wasn't R-Patz (although it is strangely appropriate!), he instead went for the truly gansta, Big Tub. I can't even!

As if that wasn't enough comedy gold, [The Rover](movie:395105) actor also let slip that he even recorded some of his lyrical masterpieces – complete with ingeniously budget solutions to create studio sound effects.

I didn't know how to scratch, so I used to pull up and down the zipper on my hoodie

Bless his little cottons!

If you want a little look at Rob when he was at his rapping age, I've managed to dig out an adorable picture for you to feast your eyes on;

Also, nice chat up line, babes!


Would you like to hear Robert Pattinson's childhood rap demos?

(Source: Time)

(Images: Fan Pop and Tumblr)


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