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Here's some news that should make Christian Grey fans pretty damn stoked: We have the very first picture of Jamie Dornan as the frisky, millionaire playboy from E. L. James' "mommy-porn" adaptation. Right here, right now, for your viewing pleasure.

Check this out and just try not to melt, laydeeees:

Hubba hubba.

Yes, the almost-porn book series from E. L. James has entered the post-production stage, and you know what that means? That we're a teensy tiny bit closer to seeing Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson getting down and dirty in a totally titillating trailer.

E. L. James brought S&M into the mainstream with her fan fiction based on the Twilight novels. But how will that sexual submission, awkwardness, scandal and, ultimately, romance transfer to Kelly Marcel's Fifty Shades of Grey screenplay on the big screen?

Well, we've already has a sneak peek at the movie, everything from a good look at Dakota Johnson's Anastasia and snippets of the sexually liberated couple on their honeymoon (they must be saving the Jamie Dornan-related best bits until last...). So, now that director Sam Taylor-Johnson has wrapped filming on the movie, keep an eye out for trailer which - with any luck - will be on its way soon and crammed full of some seriously steamy new footage...


So, after having seen Christian in all his glory, are you looking forward to a seriously seductive Fifty Shades of Grey?

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