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Ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer showed that it could not only be done - but done well - fans of all sorts of shows have been dreaming of that most elusive of 'very special episode': The Musical.

True Blood could be set to bring that dream to a whole new level. Nathan Barr, who composed the score for all seven seasons of the series, has revealed that he's working on something major involving the show. Fans of musical theater and vampires should probably take a seat, because this is about to be a huge moment: Barr is reportedly working on a Broadway musical version of True Blood.

As he puts it:

"This was something that I pitched to HBO and Alan Ball… There's no guarantees, but I think the direction we're heading in is really exciting."

Which, if true, could be one of the most peculiar things to hit Broadway since...actually, that would be about the usual.

This could totally work.

[True Blood](series:200767) returns for it's seventh season (this) Sunday 22 June, 2014.


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