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Jack Murray

John Greens masterpiece 'The Fault in Our Stars' novel was fantastic, and the movie was just as great. I wouldn't say it was better than the book, but it was pretty damn close. At least I didn't cry (for over 20 minutes).

The movie made me cry of joy, laughter, and sadness, and that's pretty hard to do. The acting was pretty incredible, Shailene Woodley was perfect for Hazel, as was Ansel Elgort for Gus. Shailene Woodley has gotten a lot of crap for her acting, but her performance in this was great. Willem Dafoe was an interesting choice for Peter, but he still did well.

The movie was well directed and written (for the screen). It would have been difficult to make this into a decent movie, but they surprisingly managed to pull it off.

If you are planning to see this, please bring tissues and water; you will get dehydrated from crying.

My rating: 8/10.


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