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Joss Whedon's new project Avengers: Age of Ultron is just over half way complete with a release set for May of next year. There have already been exclusive scoops being revealed on various movie sites; you've even read them first hand from my articles. Well, I came across an article on Joblo this morning that will dig a little deeper into what has already been revealed and others that are making their debut.

Potential SPOILERS beyond this point. Read at your own risk!

This news comes from a source that recently attended a Disney event where they were shown concept art, storyboards, and got first dibs on latest news revealed for upcoming films.

With relation to Age of Ultron, we already knew about some of these reveals, but they have been elaborated on:

- According to Marvel's head honcho Kevin Feige, the Avengers Tower will be the largest that Marvel has ever had for a film and will feature a landing platform, a garage for the newly renovated Quinjet, a lot of "really chic techno stuff", and a full lab for BFFs Bruce Banner and Tony Stark.

Concept Art released during an ABC Special
Concept Art released during an ABC Special

- There will in fact be a "party scene", or some celebration of sort, that takes place in the early scenes of the film. We already heard rumors of this leaked by Latino-Review just last week. The scene is said to be pretty wild. More watermelon busting anyone?

- The Quinjet will be sleeker in design and will feature more chairs to accommodate the team. It is said to be less military and more functional with a wider array of weapons.

- Black Widows costume, as reported earlier, will feature electric batons but the suit itself is said to have some form of electricity surrounding her, and is said to be "TRON-style" in design. This will allow her enemies to receive a shock or "widow's sting" when she pounds them.

- Hulk will get his stretchy pants. They will be purple in color and is said to have been designed by Tony Stark. It will also feature an "A" much like the rest of the Avenger's gear.

- Stark wears his Mark 43 suit with more of a gold on red combination, rather than the red on gold we saw in Iron Man 3. The chest arc reactor core will be circular, which is favored more by Whedon. We will also definitely see the Hulk Buster suit in action which has been dubbed the Mark 44.

Leaked a while back.
Leaked a while back.

- Ultron will be more than just a helmet. He will have a fully articulate face complete with mouth movement. Ultron will be played by actor James Spader, and they will use MOCAP to capture all his movement to give this sentient robot more "personality."

The suit mock-up is reminiscent of the weapon that Agent Coulson used to shoot Loki in THE AVENGERS, which was made from the parts of the defeated Destroyer in THOR.

- Ultron's drone army will be similar in appearance to him, minus the red glowing energy effect from his mouth piece.

- The Vision, played by Paul Bettany, will in fact sport his trademark colors of red, green, and gold. His body and face will be all Bettany with a metallic look. He will also rock his yellow cape.

Source: Joblo

I know some of this we already knew but with time getting closer to ComicCon, the expectation is high for a really surprising reveal from Marvel Studios.

How psyched are you?


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