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Synopsis taken from IMDb: A lesbian college couple becomes stranded in the middle of nowhere with a pack of orphaned Nazi zombie breeders hellbent on their demise.


If I said it once, I said it a thousand times. Whenever I dislike a movie, I tend to try and see the positive, and elaborate on what I did like about it. That way my reviews aren't rants. However, every once in a while a movie comes along that I just see nothing in. And unfortunately, Blood Soaked falls into that category.

Blood Soaked starts off in black and white, and we see young Sadie and Katie holding their dying father and crying. Then it cuts to 10 years later, and the picture gains color. We see a college freshman move into her dorm with help from her complaining mother. Soon after, she meets up with her roommate, and they develop a relationship quickly. While off in the New Mexico desert doing annoying cutesy flirting, the new couple is interrupted by the psychotic sisters we saw ten years ago as children. Now, they're racist Nazi's who have a thing for killing people, and bringing them back from the dead via an injection.

How these two low-grade white trash girls got a hold of something as precious and complicated as a zombie serum, I'll never know. There's a lot about this movie that isn't logical, and will give you a headache thinking too hard on it. It soon becomes a low-budget take on House of a 1000 Corpses, only with out vision or direction. The acting is incredibly weak to top it all of, and all the gore scenes are mostly in black and white, making any bloodshed null and void. The camera angles are wonky, and the steady shots aren't steady at all. It's very shaky, and looks amateur.

It's obvious by watching that it's a low-budget production, but what I'm aggravated by most, is the lack of commitment this feature has. It really doesn't appear to me that anyone on screen was really trying. Their dialogue is terrible, and it's delivered without confidence like it's a school play rehearsal. I'm sorry, but I just can't praise a movie, cast, or crew for making a movie that looks like you just had fun filming the whole time. The music is lackadaisical, and doesn't do anything to help the scenes progress but add a goofy flare. It's just over the top randomness that forgets small details, such as having blood on a knife that was just used to stab someone several times.

After murdering people, the sisters feed them to already existing zombies that they made. Some people they bring back to life, others become food for the undead. It all plays out in a brutal fashion, but it's really hard to buy into considering lack of effects, and the fact that all the good parts are in black and white, saving all the color shots for looking at nothingness in the desert. It just doesn't make sense to me, and the creativity behind Blood Soaked is severely lacking. So you've got a lopsided plot, bad acting, lame dialogue, little-to-no gore in color, and just an overall tiring experience. I won't be watching this again. It tries to end in a twisted Re-Animator-esque way, but it's a little too late. The films lack of inspiration and impact are already cemented by that time.

On the positive side, I hope those involved in this movie who plan on really making a career of acting or filmmaking learn from their mistakes, and try a little harder next time. It be cool to see some of the cast in future projects putting forth a good effort. It's just unlikely, because usually those involved in films like this don't really want to act as their job, they just want to be in a movie. In which case that shows, always.


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