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UPDATE: Voting is now closed!

We know what you're thinking.

Actually, Sean Connery knows what you're thinking:

As with all remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, spin-offs and whatever franchise building exercises exist outside these beautiful words, an Indiana Jones reboot doesn't exactly seem that... necessary.

But as Disney, which acquired the franchise from Lucasfilm along with all those Star Wars, has the right to reboot the Indiana Jones franchise (the legal right that is), it probably will.

"Letting it go" seems hardly an option.

So why not make a stance and present our choice of who should play the whip-cracking archeologist once Harrison Ford says enough is enough in a definitive way.

As we all know: X never, ever marked the point, and a fan casting isn't finished in one day. Here are the further, fan casting- related dates:

UPDATE: changed schedule!

  • Round number 2 now starts Wednesday 25th
  • The semifinal follows Friday 27th
  • The grand finale finalizes things Monday 30th
  • The new Indie is announced Wednesday July 2.

What you see below is a mix of rumored candidates, your suggestions (made in the comment section of our Green Lantern fan casting) and our own favorites.

Ladies and Gentlemen, cast your vote now!


Ryan Gosling vs. Josh Brolin


Woody Harrelson vs. Nathan Fillion


Bradley Cooper vs. Robert Pattinson


Gerard Butler vs. Jensen Ackles


Matthew McConaughey vs. Owen Wilson


Chris Pratt vs. Zachery Levy


Channing Tatum vs. Oscar Isaac


Karl Urban vs. Chris Pine

Were our choices wise? Tell us in the comment section below!


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