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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
Khalil Wright

Horror movies have always been popular and still are today. But the sub-genre that brought Horror flicks to new heights started, and ended a long time ago unfortunately. With the exception of only a few of the franchises (obviously, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Child's Play, etc) that are still around, Slasher movies have definitely been gone for far to long. Finally though it seems it may be returning, and soon.

I say that because of all the recent announcements associated with the major players who made the Slasher movie era what it was.

The first being Friday The 13th, which is definitely doing its part on resurrecting the Slasher genre itself. Starting with a new movie set for a November 13th, 2015 release date. A possible appearance in the next Mortal Kombat game. And a television show that may show up next year as well. Now whether the t.v show will have anything to do with the movies or not is still unknown. But if it is I wouldn't be surprised if it lead to something bigger.... we'll see!


Are YOU Excited For The Return Of Slasher Films?


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