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[Warning : Potential Minor Spoilers]

Latino review had previously hinted at the details of the first 20 min of Age of Ultron. Now more information has reportedly leaked online. Take the following with loads of grains of salt.

.As reported by Joblo,

Kinda looks like James Spader
Kinda looks like James Spader

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035)

  • Previous reports about the opening of the film are true. A battle with Baron von Strucker, [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109), followed by a “Stark-style” party.
  • Avengers Tower will be a huge set piece/base. Banner and Stark will have a lab together – big hanger for modified team Quinjets – the works.
  • Costume updates include what we’ve seen for Cap and Hawkeye in set photos; Black Widow will have batons, enhanced stinger tech and a “TRON-style” look; Hulk will have size-changing pants; Iron Man will have Mark 43 (variation on [Iron Man 3](movie:24391) design) and Mark 44 (Hulkbuster) armors. Everyone will sport Avengers “A” logos.
  • Ultron will look like something made out of Coulson’s Destroyer gun from Avengers. A “Balrog/LOTR” smoldering underneath an articulated face (James Spader mo-cap). Vision will look like the classic red, green and gold version (Paul Bettany in makeup) with a very shiny veneer.

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  • Opens with the classic story of Scott Lang as a single dad moonlighting a thief, who steals the Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym.
  • The villain is industrialist Darren Cross of Cross Technological Enterprises (a Stark Industries rival). He will have a suit similar to Ant-Man’s, only yellow and black in color and more militarized. His cousin is the villain known as Crossfire.
  • The Ant-Man suit will be “elaborate” with Iron Man-style helmet opening, and another “TRON-style” aesthetic, using red lights in the eyes and suit.
  • Ant-Man WILL have the ability to speak to ants, and it will be a focus of his powers in the film.

The Avengers 2 information further evidences what we’ve already heard about the opening of the film, or what we’ve seen in set photos and concept art reveals. A more fully-formed and experienced Avengers team sounds like an exciting prospect greeting us in Age of Ultron - and the costume updates sound promising. Vision sounds like a faithful adaptation all the way – and Ultron sounds like something that will be worthy of center-stage villainy.

Regarding [Ant-Man](movie:9048).......

Actor Matt Gerald (Avatar, G.I. Joe 2) has been confirmed as a villain in Ant-Man, and Gerald is a character actor who specializes in henchman-types. He could easily be a villain like Crossfire (that is, if he isn’t reprising his Marvel one-shot character). Meanwhile, Patrick Wilson has been cast in the film in an “important role” we know little about; could he be playing the villain, Darren Cross? Or is he (as early speculation indicated) a young version of Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym? Don’t forget that Corey Stoll (House of Cards) is still possible attached to the film, and could easily fit into the bad guy side of things (as mastermind or henchman).

Honestly, on paper this rumored plot synopsis sounds likea rethread of Iron man Charming unscrupulous type gets himself into trouble and uses tech to get out of it – along the way finding the moral recalibration to become a hero and take down a power-mad industrialist?

If this is indeed the case, one begins to wonder if it wasn’t the cookie-cutter nature of the story that led director Edgar Wright to drop his passion project of nearly a decade. It now falls to director Peyton Reed (Yes Man, Bring It On) and contributing writer Adam McKay (Anchorman) to find the balance between Marvel hero origin and tongue-and-cheek comedy about a ridiculous superhero (come on, admit it – to the average person?…). It won’t be easy, but with leads like Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lily involved, it can be done .

Source : Joblo, Screenrant


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