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DC's Comic Con slate of planned films left many fans disappointed that their most profitable hero, Batman, was absent from the list. Yet, that doesn't mean The Dark Knight has been forgotten.

Sources have apparently informed El Mayimbe of Latino Review that a solo Batman film is planned for 2019, after the rumored sequel to Man of Steel is released the previous year.

The site has also gone on to reveal they even know the title of the film - The Batman! Of course, they also mention that these plans are subject to change, as it is still five years away. In addition, they also mention it is unlikely that we'll be hearing anything about The Batman! at any Comic Con soon.

As of right now, Ben Affleck, who will take up the cape and cowl for the 2016 film Dawn of Justice, as well as the 2017 Justice League film, has no directorial commitments following 2016. This would leave the Argo director free to take the helm on The Batman! as many have been suggesting.

Again, this is all rumors at this point, so take everything here with a grain of salt. Still, we must admit we are excited to see what Affleck does with the role of Batman over the coming years, be it alongside the Justice League or in a standalone movie!

Source: Latino Review

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