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Marvel Studios is fast at work for three projects: Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, and the currently filming Avengers: Age of Ultron. According to some new leaked insider information, The Vision, Black Widow, and Ultron have some very interesting design appearances and changes from what we've seen so far. Listen to this:

According to Kevin Feige, the new Avengers Tower is the largest [set] ever for a Marvel film, featuring a large landing platform and garage for the new Quinjet within a large space that is full of windows, screens, and 'techno stuff' but 'really chic' with a lab directly in the middle where Stark and Banner work together.
"The Quinjet redesign features more chairs to accommodate all Avengers, much like the X-Men's Blackbird. The overall design is less military and more sleek with a bigger array of weaponry.

"Black Widow's costume update will feature not only the previously reported batons, but her suit is said to be more 'Tron-style' in nature with blue lights and electricity around the suit. Her enemies will now receive electric shocks or a 'widow's sting' when she hits them, giving her more of a 'superhero' edge amongst her super-powered counterparts.

"As reported before, Ultron will be more than just a helmet, with his full face being articulated, including the mouth. All movements from James Spader's face are used to bring more personality to the villain. The suit mock-up is reminiscent of the weapon that Agent Coulson used to shoot Loki in The Avengers, which was made from the parts of the defeated Destroyer in Thor. The suit is said to have a red firelight underneath, giving him a kind of 'Balrog' effect from LOTR.
"Ultron will have an army of drones that are similar in appearance to himself, minus the glowing red 'energy' effect.

"Similar to other reports, The Vision will be 100 percent Paul Bettany with his face and body all in metallic form, very shiny with gold, red, and green (as well as the yellow cape)."

The Vision sounds excellent! Black Widow in Tron-style: YES PLEASE! Ultron radiating red energy sounds a lot like Loki's blue energy and Thanos' purple energy. Could Ultron's existence be a result of an Infinity Stone powering him? If this stuff is true, we have some amazing features to look forward to! Is this what you were expecting from the movie?

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