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With a late start on seeing the latest X-men installment, it leaves me wondering: What next?

*Warning Spoilers*

As well as questions involving further development, there are a few questions with the film itself, For which I do believe is the best of the series. Please comment below with your own ideas and explanations, so that i can be better informed.

How did Kitty Pride obtain time traveling palms?

This was a real head scratch to me, I do not claim to be an all knowing X-men fan, but I was pretty sure that Kitty's powers stopped at being able to phase through walls, and phasing other people along with her. So, with that being said how is it now when it seems integral to the movie is she able to time travel essentially?

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When did the beast take traits from Big Green?

Beast aka Hank McCoy
Beast aka Hank McCoy

How was Beast able to transform into his more primal self when angry or agitated? I can't say that i was upset with this factor, because in actuality I enjoyed that we got to see both sides of Hank McCoy and it added depth to the character, but how did this come about?

A little off topic....

Was anyone else taken aback with some of the gruesome death scenes? This is not at all a complaint! The deaths in [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) were somewhat heartbreaking at first, Storm's in particular, were you amazed at icemans beheading or Colossus being ripped in half? Maybe this is Singer's attempt to bring the harsh reality of the sentinels relentless brutality.

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Where was Kurt?

Having Mystique and Azazeal in a film together makes me wonder what happened to our favorite Blue devil. With Days of Future Past being an inbetween sequel, meaning that the events with first class and ending with the whole team all together, makes me wonder where did Kurt go? With [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) on the way and a younger Nightcrawler to be introduced in that film why was he not in the final scenes of DoFP?

However, I did notice there was some sort of reaction from Mystique when she saw Azazeals corpse lying dead. I hope to see a fulfilled role for nightcrawler soon, as an important member of the team.

Where was Banshee?

Banshee's absence from DoFP was an upset, it may not have been if there was an explanation as to why he wasn't present, the role he played in First Class was important enough and i was expecting to see a little more character growth. Now i do understand that these guys have so much to work with and want to use all of their assests but he was in the first film and I thought that he would at least make an appearance.

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Please comment below and enlighten me on how this story is to progress, and give out a few explanations of your own on why some of these things occurred and how it will affect the movies to come. Vote below on what peaked your interest the most in the chart.


What was the most intriguing to you about DoFP?


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