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DEVELOPER: Red Barrels Games


PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4 & Microsoft Windows

Outlast is one of the best gaming experiences that I had in the year of 2014. I would go as far as claiming that it is one of the best gaming experiences that I have had on my PS4 period! Outlast delivers chills and thrills better than the majority of horror movies do these days! Outlast: Whistleblower is the first DLC from Red Barrels Games offering fans of the original a chance to visit Mount Massive Asylum for a second time. Well…technically. This story begins before Miles Upshur learns about the asylum and players step into the shoes of Waylon Parker. Who? The dude who sent Upshur the email! Parker is trapped in an asylum and must find a way to escape for two reasons. One…to you know…see his children and live another day. Two….to expose the corrupt Murkoff Corporation! And three…who would want to stay in a place where psychotic lunatics want to kill, marry or eat you? Did I only say two previously? Oh no, I could name about one thousand reasons why Parker might want to leave!

The storytelling improves massively on this outing with the introduction of fascinating new characters and insight into the money-fueled evil that results in the horror that lies inside Mount Massive Asylum. Frank Manera is sure to strike terror into the hearts of gamers as he chases them around with an electric buzzsaw. We are treated to some particularly gruesome scenes that showcase exactly why the buzzsaw is his weapon of choice. Eddie Gluskin is another new antagonist who is motivated very differently from Frank Manera. He is a lonely fellow who is armed with creepy dialogue and a shit-ton of size. His towering figure and haunting face is sure to find its home in nightmares for years to come. Have no fear folks who miss the creepy inmates from the first time around! The Twins, Chris Walker and The Walrider are all back for cameo appearances. Those with good eyes may even catch a glimpse of Richard Trager.

Outlast: Whistleblower does not alter the gameplay or stray away from the general formula. Players will traverse through Mount Massive Asylum with only a video camera guiding them! The video camera runs on batteries that are scattered across the asylum. Playing on normal means that you will hardly ever have to worry about running out providing that you go out of your way to look for them. Being chased by a deadly stalker while attempting to locate a possible exit and deal with the lights temporarily going out in order to change batteries is still a gut-wrenching few moments. Hearts will pound and sweat will soak up palms as enemies refuse to let up! The best available weapon is the closest locker to hide in or bed to seek shelter under! It is still upsetting that a simple kick or shove cannot be used when it makes sense. For example, I walked by a variant drowning a nurse and was unable to do anything except watch. I can assure you that if I was in the position that Parker is in…I would be looking for anyone who can be of some sort of help. This is a minor issue but does serve as a slight annoyance every now and then! A way to fight out of corners would be much appreciated!

Red Barrel Games certainly know how to create atmosphere. The team must be comprised of genuine horror fans! Suspense is cooked to perfection with the amount of carnage laying around. Bodies are tempered with in the most glorious of ways and a chilling soundtrack accompanies each of the games segments. Jump-scares are utilized but never heavily relied on! The primary scares originate from the charismatic murderous characters or the grotesque set-ups in the rooms that Parker is forced to walk into! The brand new fog effects are very cool adding a new element to the outside areas! I learned that paying attention to scenery in this game is a requirement for extra fun. Always look into cells! You never know what a variant will be doing to entertain themselves and sometimes…it is worth finding out!

Outlast: Whistleblower is worth the $8.99 (Canadian) price-tag! It may only last a few hours but fans of the original game will not miss the cash spent. Think about it this way….you pay more for movies at the cinema and some of them are even shorter than this experience! If you are ready to re-visit Mount Massive Asylum once again, make a quick stop at the PlayStation Store and you will be set for your journey!

Superpower Game Scale: 4.5/5

1: Belongs in the bargain bin of villainous games

2: Plays like a pesky villain scratched the disk

3: Hero-like qualities

4: On the brink of legendary

5: Heroic Game

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