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Now that they have cast Daredevil & Kingpin for the upcoming [Daredevil](movie:47230) Netflix series, let's look at another character who will be showcased in the next couple of seasons on Netflix - Luke Cage A.K.A. Power Man.

He was given his super strength and neigh-invulnerable Titanium hard skin by testing done on him as an inmate of Seagate Prison by Stark Industries. Part of the deal was that he would be given a full pardon in exchange for under-going this procedure.

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[Luke Cage](movie:586393) later teams up with Danny Rand aka Iron Fist and the two begin a business called "Heroes for Hire."

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, before we get to Heroes for Hire- Who do you Think should play Luke Cage?

Here are some of my choices...

Terry Crews:

Michael Jai White

Spawn/Bronze Tiger, Mr White
Spawn/Bronze Tiger, Mr White

Chad Coleman


Who would you cast as Power Man Luke Cage?


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