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Be advised none of which is in the article is confirmed. So, take it all with a heavy grain of salt. But according to a tweet received by some people who claim be in the know; they received some intel on the possible green lighting of a the 5th Scream movie.

As most of you are aware that watched Scream 4 or at least know someone who did that the movie, it was a hit. And since then there hasn't been so much as a peep from the Ghostface camp. But if the Wolfstein Brothers and Wes Craven want to do it again. Then, I say, hell yeah! Of course, let me iterate again that you should take this with a grain of salt because of the brothers being divided over doing another one. But you never know!

Below is that tweet from user Tyler Campbell, which states:

"@MrHorror @wescraven and @kevwilliamson just got greenlite!"
So is "Scream 5" a go? With Kev and Wes back in the saddle again?

We'll have to dig in and sort this out before we can say, 'confirmed'. Still I very much would love another trip back down memory lane to Woodsboro. More hacking and slashing and cheesy lines such as, 'What's your favorite scary movie?"


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