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Today, the guys over at Latino-Review dropped one of their first of many DC Cinematic Universe articles leading up to next months San Diego Comic-Con. Now elmayimbe does list this as a rumor not a scoop given that it's so far in the future that release date changes may change. But last week we had heard that Warner Bros was looking to list a slew of DC films between 2016 and 2018. Well, today Latino-Review dropped a scoop that WB is looking at possibly dropping the first Batman stand-alone reboot staring Ben Affleck all the way in 2019! This obviously is to get these new heroes out first and to have fans get over Christopher Nolan's amazing The Dark Knight trilogy. This new reboot is looking to be titled simply The Batman. This is for Ben Affleck to star in the already in-production Batman v Superman until December. Take a break then start working on Justice League early next year. The two films are expected to still shoot back-to-back but obviously some actors get different times off. After working on Justice League Ben Affleck is looking to direct and star in his own personal project Live By Night. Of course it's a very long time between now and 2019 so we will chalk this up as a rumor until further notice....


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