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Last night I talked about what villain I would like to see have a comeback in a new Batman film, but with the rumors of Batman getting a new solo film in 2019 I had to give my thoughts, predictions, and hopes about this.

This film should primarily focus on Batman himself. One of the reasons I loved Man of Steel was because it did not try to build Zod to be this great character with his own story. The story was about Kal-El's rise to become Superman, and that was enough to spend a full movie on. The same thing should happen with the new film, don't do what Nolan and Goyer did by making Batman a side character to the villains, do the exact opposite but don't make the villains bland slates like Malekith from Thor the Dark World.

For a plot to the film, I actually had a few ideas. The film could be essentially two stories happening at the same time:

The present day older Batman (played by Affleck) is going after an old foe: the Riddler, who has given the World's Greatest Detective seven challenges, riddles, and puzzles to successfully to complete before a certain time or else Riddler will kill seven hostages. For every challenge Batman completes, a hostage is set free. One of the hostages is Detective Renee Montoya, trying to keep the hostages in check. During this, Riddler speaks to Batman via coms and recollects about the first time they fought each other and keeps testing Batman's mind with random riddles and questions. After many taxing challenges of both mind and body, Batman stops the Riddler and locks him in Arkham Asylum.

During all this, the story will shift focus to the past with a younger Batman in his prime (my choice being Sam Witwer) who has only fought two super criminal in the past: the Riddler and Black Mask. The Riddler was just locked away in Arkham Asylum. There have been robberies at different locations, using his detective skills he deduces that the objects stolen could be used to create a freezing device but a component is missing to complete the device and the only place that has said component is at Wayne Tech. Quickly Batman makes it to Wayne Tech but it is too late, the security guards and policemen are frozen in place and awaiting him there is a man in a technologically advanced suit with red goggles. Batman tries to face him but to no avail for the suit had many defenses such as electricity and the weapon the man wielded which was a firearm that fired a beam of freezing agent. Batman with the help of Alfred find out the man's real name: Victor Fries. He is trying to get revenge on Roland Daggett for causing the condition he currently has and for taking his wife Nora from him. After a few encounters, Batman finally stops the man who calls himself Mr. Freeze from killing Daggett and locking him away but also giving him his wife who was locked away in a storage facility of Daggett's.

Then both stories end with Batman perched upon the same gargoyle on the same building in both times, in the past it is raining while in the present it is snowing, with the narration by both:

Batman Old: "I am what evil fears when the sun goes down..."

Batman Young: "I am what gives people courage when the sun comes up..."

Batman Old: "I am vengeance..."

Batman Young: "I am the night..."

Both: "I..."

It cuts to black when they look at the camera.

Both: " Batman."

Cue the credits.

Two stories, something that hasn't been done before in a superhero film. Sure it's a bit similar to the flashbacks from Man of Steel, but this time both stories are happening in two times, not multiple.

Both stories have their point. The first story is about the Older Batman coming to grips with getting older, similar message to James Kirk in Wrath of Kahn. He is still very strong and very skilled and won't be keeling over and dying but certain things are harder to do in this story because of his age. The second story is about Batman experiencing his first superpowered villain and how it messes with his mind through the story until he learns to beat Freeze, not with his fists but with his mind and will.

TITLE: The Batman

Director - Zack Snyder or Ben Affleck


Older Batman - Ben Affleck

Young Batman - Sam Witwer

Yeah you were expecting that one if you have been following weren't you?

Mr. Freeze - Eric Bana or Benedict Cumberbatch

The Riddler - Hugh Laurie

The Riddler is condescending, smart, and I just described Gregory House. And since the Riddler part of the story is with an older Batman, we need an older Riddler.

Detective Renee Montoya - Alice Braga

This woman needs to be in more movies because in Predators, she was awesome.

What do you all think of my ideas? Comment down below to let me know.


Should the solo film be TWO stories?


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