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The first time I saw the trailer for Lucy, I was stoked! I love Scarlett Johansson, (who doesn't love Morgan Freeman?), and the concept is phenomenal. It whet my appetite, but it also seemed a little chaotic in terms of what she could do.

The latest tv spot released by Universal yesterday fixed that, and has left me ridiculously excited for July 25.

This explains two hugely important things to me; first, how her powers will build, and second, why they chose to stick with the outdated 10%-of-the-brain concept.

The initial trailer showed that her powers grow throughout the movie, but this spot gives us a better idea of what, exactly, we'll be seeing. It all makes sense - rather than developing random powers, they accumulate logically.

At 24%, she can control the cells in her own body.

Which means we start with Craft-reminiscent hair color changes and (hopefully) some Elastigirl-style stretching.

At 40%, she can control matter.

Reaching out of herself for some Inception-style world-bending, and maybe even some bullet-curving a la Wanted.

At 62%, she can control other people.

I'll be interested to see whether this equates to just mind control, or if it includes power over their cells in the same way she controls her own.

These quotes also make it clear why the writers chose the 10% concept. As many of you know, I'm sure, this is a theory that stuck around for a long time, but has been thoroughly debunked. There is no percentage of unlocked mental capability sitting around waiting for us to get around to it. (Sorry to burst any bubbles there.) So why base a movie around it?

A similar popular idea that would work just as well lies in what I'll call pop-physics. Films such as What The Bleep Do We Know and books like The Field are hugely popular, and imply that we are capable of just the kind of changes that Lucy goes through.

The famous pop-quantum-physics film...
The famous pop-quantum-physics film...

Saving the debate about whether or not any of this is possible, why not go this route for the film, rather than the old 10%?

This tv-spot makes it clear to me that the reason for this is that they want to quantify her transition from girl to superhuman. It's much easier to throw in a bunch of movie-style-science when talking about drugs and percentages. Also much easier to create a clock-is-ticking action movie when you can have Morgan Freeman in front of a graph showing how quickly her change is progressing, and how much time there is left before she reaches 100%.

With over a month to go before the release date, I'm wondering how many more of these spots Universal may release, and what those will have in store for us!


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