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Rose Moore

Usually, when I start an article about a celebrity, after their name I would include "of such-and-such fame". Maybe include a couple of their best known movies, tv-shows, that kind of thing. With Seth Green, however, I would be listing projects for days!

An absolute nerd icon, I first saw him in Buffy, and since then, I just can't get enough. The part I love best? The more I see of him, the more he shows himself to be as much of a geek as his fans, if not more.

Just look at his studio in this clip from the Wil Wheaton Project!

Well, his newly announced project stays well within the realms of nerdiness, and I absolutely love it!

Nickelodeon has renewed the CGI animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a fourth season, and Seth Green will be taking over from Jason Biggs as the voice of that blue-masked master swordsman; Leonardo.

Green is perfect for this part - he already voices one teenager in Family Guy, and I just know that he can knock this out of the park!

The new season airs in 2015, and with this new addition to the cast of voice-actors, I will be watching!


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