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Godzilla is directed by one of the most exciting directors to come out of the UK in recent times; Gareth Edwards.

With his special effects background Edwards burst onto the scene with his 2010 directorial debut Monsters. That film brought him to the attention of Hollywood and he made a giant leap forward in his career after being hired to helm the $160 million dollar big studio film [Godzilla](movie:45291).

The film is a classic popcorn flick, and the plot can be summarized into one short sentence - giant creatures having a fight. As long as expectations are realistic people will be in for a good time and having watched it in 3D it's making me come around to 3D technology at last as this was one of the films where I thought it made a appreciable difference.

So far so positive but the one area I felt the film fell down was it's portrayal of the human characters. Aaron Taylor Johnson plays a military man who is supposed to represent the every man. He's wooden throughout and difficult to connect with.

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He has a young family and his wife is played by Elizabeth Olsen. I've heard great things about Olsen's abilities as an actress and although I thought she was ok, there was nothing in the film to make me understand the hype but that may be because she was limited by the part - she also plays a fairly two dimensional character and the film isn't really a platform to showcase acting range.

The lack of depth made me care very little what happened to the protagonists and throughout the film I was always more impatient to go back to Godzilla and see the action, rather than spend any time with the characters.

However I have heard and read reviewers who feel differently; I think the fact that I normally tend to watch independent films that are character driven may be colouring my opinion. My assessment of the protagonists in Godzilla might simply be suffering because of the comparisons that I am making.

All in all I really enjoyed the film and I recommend it as a good watch. Edwards has done a great job and his style is showcased well, he knows how to make an exciting movie. And as he's in line to direct the next stand alone Star Wars film that's good news for Star Wars fans.


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