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We all know those scenes in movies where you may look away or walk out on because it's considered to "disgusting" or "disturbing," but I assure you that after watching any of the films on this list you will curl into a ball weeping on the floor. Watching these films takes serious guts and to finish such films are even harder to do because there comes a point in a film where being disturbed just isn't fun anymore. Well unfortunately for you I have such a list of films that you may want to gather some friends because you are in for a real thrill ride.

10. Begotten [1990] (Directed By: E. Elias Merhige)

Begotten is a gory, disturbing, and dark tale of the death and rebirth of gods. Now to start off this film contains absolutely no dialogue and only eerie music throughout. This film is done entirely in this disturbing black and white filter that just adds to the effect. This movie features rape, suicide, dismemberment, and some downright bizarre images that are not for anyone with a weak stomach.

9. The Bunny Games [2010] (Directed By: Adam Rehmeier)

I will not be linking the trailer of this due to it's nudity

This is another film of the torture porn genre except the fact that this one takes it to a whole new meaning. This shows a graphic tale of a prostitute who hitches a ride from a trucker only to be abducted and put into a game of extreme torture that is called the bunny games. Only if it can get worse, doing some research the actress agreed to really be tortured for the film making it that much disturbing. This film does have some meaning to it if you take time to do some research, but that doesn't stop it from completely being insanity.

8. Guinea Pig [1985] (Directed By: Satoru Ogura)

Another torture film that is sure to shock and offend. This is a 43 minute long short horror film that's only plot is of an abducted young girl who is tortured to the point where she dies. This film is sickeningly done as if it were filmed off a camcorder, and only to make it worse the three men who torture her have black bars over there eyes. This movie's torture gradually gets more and more grisly and gruesome to the point where some may not be able to even think about finishing it.

7. Aftermath [1994] (Directed By: Nacho Cerda)

This is an even shorter horror film that may be more disturbing depending on how you look at it. The film is about a man who works at a morgue decides to sexually violate a corpse while also doing some other disgusting and violent things to it. This is another film that has very little dialogue, but that doesn't matter because you probably won't even be able to handle the whole thing.

6. Slaughtered Vomit Dolls [2006] (Directed By: Lucifer Valentine)

This is a film about a nineteen year old stripper and prostitute that begins to have demonic nightmares and hallucinations. This film features non-stop graphic violence and gore, as well as something new for a change "Vomit." Nice, well actually this spawned a genre know as vomit-gore which is, you know vomit-gore. If that doesn't give you an idea of how disturbing this film is, than I don't know what will.

5. Cannibal Holocaust [1980] (Directed By: Ruggero Deodato)

This film is probably one of the most know movie's as being good, but still being able to disturb you into fetal position. This movie's director was arrested because people believe the actors of the movie actually died until they were found alive and well, and then he was released. Rape and brutal violence got this spot to number 5 but it get's worse.

4. Nekromantik [1988] (Directed By: Jorg Buttgereit)

Alright so we have a guy whose job is to clean up streets after horrific accidents, sounds bad enough, but what he also does is bring home some dead bodies for him and his wife to enjoy sexually. Nice! No really anymore description is needed to know why this is here. NEXT!

3. August Underground's Mordum [2003] (Directed By: Jerami Cruise and Others?)

*Warning the video contains language and may contain spoilers (if you really care)*

Let's start by saying by god this movie is horrible. Not because of its content, but because of how bad the acting and sometimes ridiculous it is. Now that aside this movie is very disturbing and graphic because basically this movie is a legal/simulated snuff film. A little over an hour of grotesque sex, violence, nudity, rape.

2. Salo or 120 Days of Sodom [1975] (Directed By: Pier Paolo Pasolini)

Another torture film, but what makes this one more disturbing is that it's teens being tortured, and they go through 120 days of it. Physical or mental torture these kids endure and boy let me tell you if you're faint of heart, stay away from this disgusting (yet good) film!

1. A Serbian Film [2010] (Directed By: Srdjan Spasojevic)

This film is not only realistic, but is as disturbing as it gets to me. This film is completely vile and disturbing for many different reasons. It is about a retired porn star going in for one last movie or so called "art." Basically let's say from here this becomes one of perverted sexual content and boy is it extreme with it.


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