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With all the buzz around the upcoming Dr Strange movie, I got thinking. First, I was thinking that I truly hope the role does not go to Jared Leto. Just no. Second, it got my mind working on the other Drs in the nerdverse that I would love to see getting their own movies.

Warning! We are definitely moving into the realm of daydreams rather than logically considered possibilities with this list. I highly doubt that we will see most of these as solo movies any time soon, but if we could, I’d be front of the line on opening night!

EDIT: Disclaimer - these are in no particular order.

1. Dr Strange

Well, he inspired this list, so he has to star in it! Besides, there is a reason that he is getting a solo movie, and it’s not just a connection to the Avengers. His powers are definitely a reason that he is a favorite of mine. I’ll happily admit to preferring fantasy to sci-fi: although I love them both, there is something about the magical that has always appealed to me more. On top of that, Dr Strange is incredibly wealthy and intelligent – with a little arrogance thrown in. In a lot of ways, he makes me think of Iron Man with magic instead of armor, and for that, he is top of my list!

2. Doctor Who

Upset at the lack of Peter Capaldi in this photo
Upset at the lack of Peter Capaldi in this photo

He's not just the Doctor, he's an absolute superhero! I’m not even sure exactly how many times he has saved the planet, or the universe. With the finale of the last season (I would say spoiler alert, but c’mon, it was over six months ago!!) we even find that he managed to save Gallifrey! I’m not going to pick a specific Doctor with this one, although my personal favorites are 4 (Tom Baker) and 10 (David Tennant). It’s just too difficult to claim one as the “best”, because they are all the Doctor. They are all part of what makes the show so amazing, and seeing them all come together in the 50th anniversary episode had me bawling like a baby.

3. Dr Doom

First and foremost, you just have to love the name! As far as comic-book villains go, Dr Doom has definitely got one of the best monikers. Another Tibetan-trained sorcerer (like Dr Strange), he has many of the traits of my other favorite villains; intelligence, a twisted mind, and powers that come from himself and his work rather than external or alien forces. There is a mind (albeit a warped one) behind his madness, and I love that! (I’m also not a major Fantastic Four fan, so I don’t feel too bad occasionally cheering him on!)

4. Dr Horrible

As in, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. If you haven't seen this three-act musical tragicomedy, I'm not sure that we can be friends anymore. Dr Horrible is an aspiring villain, battling it out against Hammerman and trying to win the heart of a girl. The character plays jump rope with the line between hero and villain, and I challenge you not to root for him. Oh, and did I mention it features not only Neil Patrick Harris, but Queen of the Nerd Felicia Day and the awesome Nathan Fillion?

5. Dr Robotnik/Dr Eggman

My love of Dr Robotnik goes back to the days of my childhood, lounging on beanbags in my best friends attic playing Sonic the hedgehog over and over and over again. Oh, Sega. Dr Robotnik aka Dr Eggman is the arch enemy of the iconic Sega hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. A mad scientist with a dash of Wile E Coyote thrown in, he’s a nostalgic favorite of mine, and deserves a place on the list, if only to represent the gamer geeks.

There were so many more that I could include, and believe me when I say I kept changing my mind up to the last second. Once the phrase geekdom is added, it opens up so many possibilities that I would need a top 50, not a top 5!

Who would you add to the list?


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