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Twentieth Century Fox has finally finished principal photography in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to ComicBookMovie, and now they will begin their major production portion of the film this upcoming weekend! The film has been masquerading under the working title of Henry Street, and is going to be filming

Sections of two downtown streets will be closed this weekend [...] crews will be filming scenes using the interior and exterior of the building at 150 3rd Street. From approximately 10 A.M. on Saturday, June 21, until 1 A.M. Sunday, June 22, police will close the portion of 3rd Street between North Boulevard and Florida Street, as well as Convention Street between 4th Street and Lafyette streets.

IMDB has also posted three new cast members, with more minor roles: Mary Rachel Dudley as Mrs. Richards, presumably Reed Richards' mom, Owen Judge as young Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), and Evan Hannemann as young Ben Grimm (The Thing).

Featuring Director Josh Trank, [The Fantastic Four](movie:34667) reboot will star Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, Kate Mara as Sue Storm, Toby Kebbell as Victor von Doom, Reg E. Cathey as Dr. Franklin Storm, and Tim Blake Nelson as Harvey Elder.

Catch Fantastic Four in theaters in summer of next year on June 19th, 2015.


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