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This is one of my favourite Tim Burton films, I have more than one favourite but this is just one of them. I enjoy this film very much as it's an original story. A story about a man who has scissors for hands, a man in which his inventor created but passed away before he had the chance to give him real hands.

Vincent Price and Johnny Depp
Vincent Price and Johnny Depp

Edward (Johnny Depp) lives above the hill in a dark castle/mansion. He lives alone and has been for several years until one day a lady from Avon calls. Edwards comes to live with Peg (Dianne Wiest) and her family. Neighbours are all curious as to who is this mysterious person and they finally see him and see he has scissors for hands. Edward becomes the talk of the town until Kim (Winona Ryder) comes back from a trip and her boyfriend uses Edward to steal from his father. People start to think differently of Edward and things don't turn out well for him. And in all this mess which is going on he had fallen for Kim. Edward gets in a predicament and kills Kim's boyfriend and Kim backs up Edward by letting the whole town think he's dead. Time goes on and Edward is still alone up on the hill and builds Ice sculptures in remembering Kim and all the lovely plants and animals on this world.

Edward and Kim
Edward and Kim

This is a beautiful story for it's originality and for how it expresses love differently. And to top it off it's a Tim Burton movie can it get any better! Long intro's with machines moving, Vincent Price as the inventor, Johnny Depp and all the other dark Gothic visuals and black and white effects he always has and uses in his films.

I recommend this film a watch if this is the one Burton film you've not seen as it's truly remarkable 'story wise' and a great family fun film. Not to mention Danny Elfman for the amazing score of the film.

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