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The looks like the zombie genre really is showing no signs of ever dying, especially with The Walking Dead still bringing in nation-state-population-sized viewing figures each week, Legendary Pictures has decided to jump on the bandwagon with a big screen adaptation of the zombie smashing video-game, Dead Rising.

According to, Tim Carter is down to write the script while Transformers' Lorenzo di Bonaventura is executive producing. Carter and Thomas Harlan, whose production company also delivered Mortal Kombat: Legacy, will also produce. Here's what the duo said in a statement:

We are excited to be working with Legendary and Lorenzo, who have both created immersive properties for fans around the world. As avid players of the game, we're extremely thrilled to take the popular franchise that millions have embraced and give them the opportunity to experience it on a new platform.

The [Dead Rising](movie:1526835) game franchise recently released its third outing on the new generation of high-end consoles. The game particularly prioritizes combating zombies and psychopaths, usually with an array of makeshift, and often comical, weapons and costumes. Previous iterations of the games have been set in a shopping mall and casino complex, but Dead Rising 3 was the first to provide a larger city to go crazy in.

It's not clear if the comic undertones of the games will make it into the film, but we have learned that the story will involve four characters who must 'outrun the disease's spread and search for its origins'.

To see what a typical game of Dead Rising looks like, check out this video from two overjoyed - and possibly stoned - players:

What do you think? Can Dead Rising make a good film?


Can Dead Rising really make a decent movie?

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