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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

Hidden (super-awesome-badass) Talent of the Week: goes to YouTuber/Beatboxer - Verbalase! This dude is very talented and so good at his own craft that he puts smiles on peoples' faces.

Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite cartoon characters would sound like if they were using their own laughter as a beat! Or listen to the Minions (Despicable Me) sing about bananas? You can get all that and more by checking out Verbalase's YouTube channel, but before you do that I'll give you a sneak peek of his videos.

Minion Beatbox -

Verbal Ase's Laughing Beatbox (Your favorite cartoon characters laughing) -

Be sure to follow Verbalase on Twitter @VerbalaseAdym

(Source: Verbalase via YouTube)


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