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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has officially announced its release date for November 4th, and the game looks to have truly taken the franchise to the next level.

Not only has this game recently dropped an awesome looking trailer starring none other than [House of Cards](series:726551) star Kevin Spacey, but having consulted a number of "futurists" (people whose job is to predict what the world will be like in the years ahead) they have added a range of new weapons, gadgets and machines that give Call of Duty Advanced Warfare a completely new feel, both in terms of gameplay and story.

So what stands out from the game in particular? Well here's a list of 5 things that will not only change the way you play CoD Advanced Warfare, but may well change the world as we know it:

1. Call of Duty's New Weapon: The Exo-Suit

Advanced Warfare: The Exo-Suit
Advanced Warfare: The Exo-Suit

Anyone who has watched [Elysium](movie:44956) will have seen one, but the introduction of the Exo-Suit may be the biggest change from previous games.

Use the boost mechanic to gain new vantage points on the battlefield, jump from heights previously impossible and generally move from cover to cover by bounding across the chaotic war torn cityscape like you never have before.

And if you want to move while remaining in cover, or are being attacked by a Drone Swarm (of more later) the strength this suit gives you means you can simply rip off a car door as use it as a shield.

Oh, and it can also fit a Jetpack.

2. The 3D Printing Gun

Call of Duty's 3D printing gun
Call of Duty's 3D printing gun

Ever worried about ammo? Well, you don't have to anymore. This weapon is not the much publicized 3D printed gun, that is a gun made by a 3D printer, this weapon is 3D printing. In other words, you've now got all the ammo you can ever need.

Or at least, as much as it can produce.

3. Modifiable Grenade

The scanning grenade reveals enemies
The scanning grenade reveals enemies

It was always a hassle having to carry around Smoke bombs, Flash bangs AND your standard grenade - now there is an all in one!

But this weapon's abilities don't end there; it can also target individual enemies -making it like a chuck-able heat seeking missile - and perform a battlefield scan, revealing enemies who may be hiding behind cover.

4. Drone Swarm

See that at the top left? It's a Drone Swarm!
See that at the top left? It's a Drone Swarm!

Coming at you like the sentinels in The Matrix, blackening the sky as they come towards you - aggressive clusters of drones will now descend from the sky like angry swarms of bees or locusts.

This might seem like one of the implausible elements of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, but developers insists there is NOTHING in the game that wasn't run past the experts!

5. The Walking Tank

Call of Duty introduces The Walking Tank
Call of Duty introduces The Walking Tank

This also featured in Watch Dogs, so might qualify for video games' favorite vehicle of the future right now. The Walking Tank appears a couple of times in the trailers that have been released so far for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

As yet, it is unclear whether you can drive this fearsome machine. With everything else that has been included, though, it would a surprise if it wasn't available at some point. Who wouldn't want to turn up with one of these on Xbox Live, and start blasting?

So which of these are you most looking forward to? Do you think they will all be available for multiplayer? Get involved with the discussion below the line and let us know your hopes for [Call Of Duty](movie:1068472): Advanced Warfare!


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