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Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead
Nikolas Hajiantonis

Selena Gomez definitely isn't predictable when it comes to her movie roles, which is why I wasn't surprised to find out that she apparently is dying to play a superhero. Selena is finally realizing that she needs to focus on acting since she accomplished a lot of things in music, and she apparently wants to kick her career into gear by starring in a massive film franchise. According to reports Selena is looking for roles in upcoming Marvel films. She wants to play a superhero in an upcoming movie, and my fingers are crossed that Selena will be able to land the part in an upcoming Marvel film.

What made Selena decide that she wants to be a Marvel hero and will she get a role? I think it might be the fact that she recently changed managers. Her parents were really good managers but they didn't get her really good roles, lets face it that Getaway wasn't what we expected. I think that she will get the role she wants. Firstly because she has the potential to get any character she wants and her face and body is suitable for any role. Secondly, her managers are the people who also manage Katy Perry and they seem that they get what they want.

However there's a question, Should we be excited?

I think we should. Selena has is a really good actress and Marvel stories are AMAZING. Hopefully she will get a role and prove to everyone that she deserves it.

We should also mention that Zac Efron was in a meeting with Marvel lately. That might mean that Selena and Zac might co-star for a new superhero movie.


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