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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
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When something is successful you'll often find companies that try to cause something that's called brand confusion. Like when local stores make a drink like Dr. Pepper and call it Dr. Upper or something and use the same colors.True believers know the difference though. Marvel's need to differentiate themselves from DC started in satirizing the old commercial Line comparing one product to Brand X. This led them to call DC Brand Echh and even developing a superhero satire magazine called "Not Brand Echh" where they not only took on their own heroes but had characters like Stuporman and Gnatman and Rotten.

Super hero movies have become a Hollywood staple. Mostly because they have proven to be huge money makers Captain America 2, X-men Days of Future Past, and Amazing Spiderman 2 being 3 of the top four grossing movies this year. Who wouldn't want a piece of that pie! The big two in comic book history have always been Marvel and DC and Marvel has undoubtedly dominated the big screen this century. With DC's only major success being the Batman franchise followed by the moderate success of Man of Steel. Warner Brothers/ DC is finally making major moves towards a bigger piece of that super hero pie.

With the greatly anticipated Batman v. Superman-Dawn of Justice it seems like they are putting so many eggs in one basket that I think it should be called "Batman throws everything at Superman to see what sticks!" Before I go any further I should say that I like DC but all my favorite heroes have been Marvel, my favorite movies, Marvel so maybe I am a little biased but I have been wondering lately if Zack Snyder should play the part of Forbush Man in a Warner Bro's. movie.

I liked Man of Steel but I have to say there a couple of things that make me wonder if the rumored slate of films for DC Entertainment isn't a "Sucker Punch". First of all there's the casting. Some of them are adequate fits (Alfred, Wonder Woman) but I have to wonder if casting the part of Aquaman with an actor that more closely resembles Marvel's Namor isn't an attempt to muddy the waters a bit.

The other thing that makes me wonder this, is the plan to make the Shazam movie. Although he has built up a following with DC fans Older folks will remember that he was the original Captain Marvel. Published by Fawcett publications in the 40's it soon became more popular than Super Man so DC successfully sued for copyright infringement and pretty much bought the character to shut him down. Marvel then came up with their own Captain Marvel when the copyright was left for dead and who can blame them. Shazam was also a saturday morning live action show where he still turned into Captain Marvel when saying Shazam. Although they had been only referring to him as Shazam, DC actually didn't officially rename "the Big red cheese" until 2012.

Warner/DC trying to boost their sales by teaming Superman with it's most bankable character Batman is understandable. They are definitely spending a lot of money on this film. They are also jumping right into the Justice League so that they can try to imitate the success of The Avengers. The general public are not fanboys but the general public has also embraced The Marvel movies, wether they are from Disney, Sony or Fox. A lot of fans (like me) would reccommend Marvel over DC but with the onslaught of super hero movies coming will the general public be able to differentiate between what's good and what's Brand Echh? Or will they just start saying If you've seen one Super hero movie you've seen them all.


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