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Star Trek director JJ Abrams has been front and center of the upcoming Star Wars trilogy under Walt Disney's more recently acquired Lucasfilm ownership. When he was announced to be attached to the trilogy as director of the first film, some predicted he would stay on to direct all three of the films, but now reports from Deadline suggest that Looper director Rian Johnson will now be writing directing the second and third installments of the franchise.

Following this report however, came conflicting news from The Hollywood Reporter claiming that Rian is only attached to direct Episode VIII, but is indeed attached to write (or co-write) both of the films. Deadline also had this to report, following the announcement of the second director for the franchise:

Joining him as producer will be Ram Bergman. Johnson made his directing debut on the respected indie Brick, and then jumped to mainstream science fiction by writing and directing Looper, an inventive time travel thriller that starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Bergman produced both of those films.

For those who haven't seen Looper, as a true fan of the Star Wars franchise I highly suggest you watch it. Perhaps Disney is wanting to play around with some time travel in Star Wars VII, which would certainly have Star Wars fans up in a hype (or up in arms) about just exactly what is in store for both the conclusion of the second installment of the trilogy as well as its effects on the third.

Star Wars Episode VII is currently filming and will zoom into theaters near the holidays next year!


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