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True Blood, or as I referred to the stories in high school, The Dead Series, has been a large disappointment for me. Not the books - they released every year right at, or on, my birthday and I use to tackled the stand for the next version as soon as the store opened. It’s the show that’s the problem. It started out okay, but took a large dive off a cliff as soon as it decided the books were unimportant.

Disclaimer: if you like the show and are offended then stop reading. This is not an excuse for trolls to come crawling out of the woodwork to spam my reviews. I welcome opposing views, but not rudeness.

I digress-

My main issues:


  • Sookie was supposed to be naive, not innocent. She didn’t like kissing or anything romantic because it involved constant contact and she was unable to control hearing someones thoughts. Whether they were thinking about an itch, if their favorite show was on, or some twisted fantasy, it was practically screaming at her and made it difficult to enjoy. This meant she didn’t really understand sex or anything related because she’d never done it. When Sookie exclaimed at Lafayette “That’s nasty talk!” I wanted to puke. Sookie would never have said that. She simply wouldn’t have understood the reference.
  • Anna Paquin is not Sookie. I have nothing against her personally. She’s been a great actress in many other roles, but this was not the part for her. This horrible excuse for Sookie fits her just fine, but she is not the Sookie from the story. (Yes I know. The TV show is not the books, blah blah blah. You’d think people would keep at least the basic concepts, or why wouldn’t you just make up your own story?)
  • She’s FAR too thin. It is stated many times that Sookie is between a size 8 and 10. She’s a curvy knockout with a large chest. I pictured her as a southern Scarlett Johansson.
  • The Telepathy. It is almost impossible to express this on a TV, but Sookies internal dialog as she explains what she’s “hearing” and what it’s like to be a telepath is such an important part of the story for me. I forget half of the time that she’s supposed to have this ability on the show.
  • The fairy blood. It’s supposed to be extremely subtle. So much that it took a vampire that’s an expert to figure it out.


  • It’s hard to enjoy a romance when you’re on book 8 and Bill hasn’t been a romantic interested in quite some time.
  • He’s actually rather boring. This is one of the characters that I understood changing because he is rather lifeless (no pun intended) in the books. Still, why is he such a schmuck? Sometimes I just want to tell him to grow a pair.
  • What is up with his house? Bill is rich. Extremely rich and he doesn’t live in some old rundown shack. Sookie talked about loving his bathroom and kitchen because they was so nice.


  • He’s annoying in the books and he’s annoying on the show. All of his story lines are pointless. I actually liked the dynamic that he was having trouble accepting his sister for a good portion of the books. It allowed for a lot of growth… from a distance.


  • He really doesn’t need much more story than he was already given. Pure blood shifters are supposed to only pass the genes to their first born. His ‘off screen’ story in the books would have been interesting enough without the weird turn it took.


  • He’s one of the best characters in the stories and he nevers makes it to TV. A weretiger that officiates supernatural events and has a crazy sister that kills people? That’s a damn story worth telling.

Sophie- Anne

  • Though HBO has a lot of adult content and I understand why they made her older, I loved that she was only 13 or 14 when she was turned. Sophie Anne was a tiny little queen that was WAY more deadly than she looked. She also had a really interesting backstory they glossed over.

The Sex.

  • The books had their share of it, but I’m not a fan of exactly how graphic and far the show goes. You can have sex without it being every few moments. Everything needs to be done in good taste. Too much romance, too much action, too much plot can all be a bad thing even though we enjoy it. It’s not like sex is an exception to that rule.

There were points in the story that the books fell flat, but that’s going to happen with 13 stories. All together it’s one of my favorite series. I’ll miss the excitement every year of getting the newest dead book, but the show does not another beloved story make. I wanted to love it, but I just don’t.
Did I miss something you think should have made it into the show? Let me know.


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