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The CW’s Arrow had an 'I love you' heard around the world during its season 2 finale. Literally, twitter revealed it was one of the top 10 trends. Though many expressed outrage when the I love you was shown to be a ploy the character Oliver Queen/Green Arrow used trick the villain of the series Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. Fan favorite Felicity Smoak is used to get close to the almost unstoppable Slade, and sticks him with the cure for the drug making him so strong.

Fans immediately took to the message boards shouting their opinions about whether they believed the I love you was fake or not. The producers themselves admitted that the title of the episode (Unthinkable) was decided on because Oliver had to do the unthinkable. He had to put the women he loved in harms way to save the city. Now, arguably, you could say his reaction to Laurel Lance’s kidnapping satisfied this claim (Go easy on me Olicity Shippers. I’m on your team, but the argument is valid.) He stated several times that “the city comes first” and for Slade to do what he had to.

Me personally? I think he meant it. I don’t think Oliver realized it at first, but he had by the end of the speech. Let’s look at this logically: Slade is too smart to fall for a fake. He knows Oliver too well. They were friends. Friends that stayed up long nights talking about family and people they loved. If Oliver was going to straight up lie about being in love with someone, why wouldn’t he use Sara? She’s a much stronger fighter, and Slade would be all too happy to kill her after she survived instead of Shado.

Oliver knew he could make Slade believe he love Felicity. It wasn’t until he was standing in front of her that he realized he could do it because it was true. Just the words “So he took the wrong woman” would have been enough. Emotion got in the way and he realized he truly meant it. I think he also realized she could actually die in this situation, and if he was ever going to say it, that was the time.

There is also the obvious fact that he didn’t kiss her. If he really wanted to “sell it”, shouldn’t he have kissed her? But he didn’t and I think that’s for two reasons: #1 he was afraid she’d question it. He already had to ruin the first time he said I love you, he didn’t want to ruin the kiss too. #2 I don’t think he could have left her there. You can see the look on Olivers face in the tunnel when Slade calls and he realizes his plan worked. How would it feel to walk away and leave someone you loved that much for the wolves?
I was so overwhelmingly pleased with the declaration, I didn’t care that writing wise diving in like that is suicide. If anything it hurt more when it turned out to be… not fake but not so simple in the end. I felt like a fool for thinking it could happen like that.

After my anger/hurt/outrage subsided I realized it was actually an extremely creative way to keep all fan bases guessing. The story would have demanded that they break up again to keep the drama going, but who really wants to see that yet again? I believe it was a sign that Olicity is becoming endgame. Either way I’m going down with the ship. What do you think?

**See my reaction video below. It's even funnier to my husband because he was there while I watched. It's sad how accurate the clips are to my live response.**


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