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Stephen Amell, star of the highly successful TV show Arrow based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, plays Oliver Queen. He's shown us what it takes to be Oliver plain and simple through the show: be rich, get drunk, have sex. Now Amell shows us what it takes to be Green Arrow, or better yet, a superhero!

Amell has posted three videos that give us a glimpse of the kind of workouts he goes through to sport the kind of body that he does on the show. Now you'll never suggest that an actor's job is easy: they work hard for their money, even if it is slightly overpaid.

What do you think? Do YOU have the skill to pull off the kind of crazy stunts that Amell goes through during the production of Arrow? I definitely don't! Meanwhile, Katie Cassidy, who plays Black Canary in the show, has also leaked a bit of her own workout session progress:

Looking good, looking good! So what do you think? Is she ready to take up the mantle of Black Canary?

Arrow Season 3 is set to air this Fall in the fourth quarter of the year.


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