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When it comes of fanarts, I came to learn that many artists worldwide are blessed and gifted with the most spectacular skills that I've seen in years. Skills that even surpass those of the artists hired to do our beloved MARVEL/DC comics. But I'm not here to bash them as they are doing a fantastic work on the art themselves.

For those familiar with the online art community DEVIANTART, you can back my claims of this website being a gold mine of talented artists. I have met the most talented artists here, and one of them is the page artist of a manga project I'm doing.

On this same site, I have discovered something that both MARVEL and DC could probably never ever want to officially publish. Not in our lifetimes. And it just sucks...

Have you ever wondered how a desperate-for-some-Batman Wonder Woman, a dark-but-somehow-confused Batman, and a apparently bisexual Superman would fit in a love triangle? And at the same time pulling the entire rosters of superheroes and supervillains of both MARVEL and DC universes in the most weirdo-funny-as-hell-LMFAO-wedding of all-time with every guest in it trying to hug Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's attention for love and marriage advices? Well, you're about to be served in full proportions... and probably with the best performance of our own favorite Merc with a mouth, Deadpool!

The DATE ME...NOW! saga is a 4-year-old fan comic created on Deviantart with the combined talents of YogurthFrost, Lord-Kellendros, Taigan and Azure321 (These are their Deviantart usernames by the way).

I would gladly post some pictures of it, but there are some mature content in this fan comic's pages. But I guess I could tease you with this one page:

Art by
Art by

If you'd like to see the whole thing, here it is the link!


Please comment and let me know of your thoughts about it. And if you're on DeviantArt, make sure to thank these guys for making such epic story.

Enjoy the laughs!


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