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Let me start by saying that I apologize if you were expecting a post last week, but now that I have figured out what the Marvel and DC lineup could possibly be, I should be able to post every week. Next I should say that I am not in any way affiliated with Marvel or DC; I am merely a fanatic of their works.

Also, a part of me did not want to do this post because the user Reid Jones had already done one on this character, but I would love for this to become a part of my universe, so I’ll just add on some characters to his list and edit some of the ones already there. Reid’s post link:,manual#!1pOnW.

I feel as though there could be an interesting dynamic between Strange and Wong, much like the one between Tony Stark and his AI that operates all of his systems for him, Jarvis. Wong could oversee the safety of the Sanctum Sanctorum by keeping it secure from evil.

Drawing what could be another parallel to the Iron Man universe, Jericho could be to Strange as Rhodes is to Tony. Other things could be implemented into the film, such as his use of voodoo, his brother Daniel could appear, he could reference Haiti and the arts of Houngan and etc. There are many possibilities. During the course of the first movie he could be under the tutelage of Stephen Strange, after of course, Stephen becomes Sorcerer Supreme.

I think a somewhat interesting end edit scene could be Baron Mordo speaking to Umar via a spell of some sort, whilst telling Umar that he will release her and Dormammu from the Dark Realm if they would destroy Earth, make Strange their Sorcerer Supreme. Some interesting lines in this scene said by Umar could be “I am not a peasant, I am a Queen! And besides, the only I will leave the Dark Realm is if my daughter is there!”

That will conclude my two cents on the matter. I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts.


Godfrey as Brother Voodoo?


Rachel McAdams is Umar.


Jake Gyllenhaal = Mordo.


Donnie Yen for Wong!


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