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The Horror Honeys

It's no secret that I'm kind of in love with this indie attempt to revive the slasher genre. Blood Widow is the doll faced killer stalking some really ultra annoying twenty-somethings who have disturbed her pain-filled solitude. The sole survivor of an unspeakable massacre at a boarding school, Blood Widow waits in silence just wanting to be left alone.

The best thing about this clip? Knowing who the killer is doesn't save you... I'm a big fan of the lighting in this scene, and the absolute lack of a score. A silent killer is definitely not a new phenomenon, and we've had our share of terror from masked silent killers before. Silence is terrifying, and in this case, it's also beautiful.

Want more of Blood Widow? Check out my spoiler-free review here and the official trailer:

You can catch Blood Widow from Midnight Releasing and it's available NOW for download and streaming.

(Clip source: Joblo)


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