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Mark Robirds Jr.

In the entire time I've been on, I have received so many compliments for my ideas for different movies which is the biggest compliment anyone could give me since I am someone who wants to become a director and writer for Hollywood.
Yesterday I wrote an article about an idea about what I think the Batman Solo film should be. I received good compliments from this pitch as well, so I decided to begin writing a screenplay for a Batman solo film from what I pitched.
Now some of you might be saying that there is no way WB will never listen to me but I found a website called where writers can pitch movies to big producers in Hollywood and they might hire them on to write the film. I am taking a chance and I am going to send my screenplay to WB when it is done.

I am currently nine pages into the screenplay.

Working Title/Possible Final Title: The Batman


Two tales of Batman's life: one in the past in his prime, one in the not too distant future as a middle aged man. In both times, the Caped Crusader must go up against Mr. Freeze and the Riddler.

I will update you all about this possible film in the future. I hope you could all follow me, support me, and check out the film if it is ever made.


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