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One of the most important parts of superhero films nowadays is finding a TV screen adaptation of a costume that doesn't make the character look like a child playing dress-up. Though costumes in the comics are amazing, many of them seem to defy nature and gravity, capes always flowing majestically in the wind, and colors radiating off the page. In reality, when you try to imitate it, the enormous collar won't stand up right like Strange's costume, the cape has spun around itself so many times that it looks more like a leash, and vibrant colors look like you were a finger-painting project.

So, with that in mind, I've narrowed the costumes down to three major designs for Doctor Strange that Marvel could choose to adapt. Make sure to vote at the end and let us know which one you'd like to see the most!

The Classic Doctor: Taking Things Original

The classic Doctor Strange
The classic Doctor Strange

Everybody loves the classics, right? I definitely do, but I fear for how it would look on bigscreen. I mean, plaster the vibrant primary colors onto the most outlandish collared, caped hero with a beautiful mustache and eyebrows to top it off and you get Doctor Strange. If he wasn't on the front of a comic titled "Doctor Strange", we all know we would've thought he was a circus clown. Still, it just wouldn't be right without the classic... or would it?

The Retro Doctor: Think Blue

Retro blue: the right look for Dr. Strange?
Retro blue: the right look for Dr. Strange?

The middle-man! The costume is still practically the same, but the colors have been toned down to a nice, relaxing blue with some accenting orange here and there. It's still out there, but it's not a light-up beacon of crazy-town.

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The Modern Doctor: "No Capes!"

Doctor Strange, does he look best without a cape?
Doctor Strange, does he look best without a cape?

My personal favorite, [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) has removed the unwieldy cape and enormous collar that seems to block three fourths of his peripheral vision. Perhaps Edna Mode from the Incredibles is his designer, because as we know about her 3-minute rant, there will be "NO CAPES!". This costume is the most grounded and believable, and I would definitely be able to buy into this without a second thought, but playing it safe hasn't exactly been Marvel Studios' plan of execution for their movies.

So what do you think? Which of these would YOU prefer?


Which costume should Doctor Strange use in the movie adaptation?


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