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Now, FOX is very hesitant on making a very hard R-Rated Deadpool standalone film, and that it should be PG-13! FOX needs to stop thinking about the future and look into the past...and by the past I mean 1998. In 1998, a Marvel film was released called "Blade" and that is what really kicked off comic book films, even though most people think it is X-Men that kicked off the comic book film.

Blade was a well received film and was way better than the other comic book movies coming out around that time. Now, was Blade PG-13? No, it was R and it made $131,183,530 worldwide, with just a $40 Million dollar budget, and Deadpool is more well known than Blade so FOX could get even more than that! Now, there are some movies that FOX would look at that had a R-Rating that were based on comic books that werent that great, the main example would be "Punisher: War Zone" which barely made back its $35 Million budget only making $10,000,000 at the box office, but the original 2004 Punisher starring Thomas Jane as the title role made 55.4 Million dollars over its 30 million dollar budget, now I have been noticing both films are getting a small following.

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I recently watched the fantastic short film about the Punisher called Punisher: Dirty Laundry that Thomas Jane reprised his role in and directed, and that was awesome. Now if we would have gotten that Punisher instead of the other two films (not counting Dolph Lundgreen) then the movie could have made alot more money, I would say have Thomas Jane reprise his role in a reboot, and let him direct it, then we finally have the Punisher! However, the 2008 reboot of the character "Punisher: War Zone" starring Ray Stevenson as the title character is getting its small cult following because of its faithfulness to the character and its brutal violence!

Another reason for FOX to make Deadpool is that it could change the comic book film! We dont have a superhero who is constantly unloading ammo into his enemies, or constantly slicing people's heads off as they make stupid puns about what they are doing. However, FOX doesnt have to look to far into the past, they could go to 2 years ago where another superhero-cult film was released called [Dredd](movie:39136).

Now, it didnt make alot of money but if they made a sequel, they would get probably $100 Million thanks to how many people love the film now, the film was a critical success but a financial failure, but the movie has its cult following because its dark, bloody, packed with bullets, brutal action, and was extremely better than the 1995 "Judge Dredd" because in this movie Dredd didn't take off his helmet...not even once! So come on FOX! Give us a [Deadpool](movie:38663) movie! The fans will show their support!

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